'Concerning' Dip In Cervical Cancer Screens

Theresa May today gave an impassioned plea in the House of Commons for women to get their smear test - saying despite being 'not nice' they could 'save your life'.

The Prime Minister stood at the despatch box during the weekly clash of PMQs to make the personal appeal after cervical cancer screening fell to 21-year-low.

Mrs May said the tests can be awkward and uncomfortable, but told women watching that they only take a few minutes and can be life saving.

She told the packed Commons Chamber: 'I want to give this simple message, and I'm able to do that from this despatch box: smear tests are not nice.

'All those of who have had smear tests recognise they are not nice. But they are important.

'If you want to see cancer detected early - have your smear test. A few minutes of discomfort could be saving your life.'

 Theresa May (pictured in the Commons today) today gave an impassioned plea in the House of Commons for women to get their smear test - saying despite being 'not nice' they could 'save your life'

Source : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6463529/Theresa-urges-women-cervical-cancer-tests-screening-hits-21-year-low.html

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