14 Galentine’s Day Gifts Your BFF Will Absolutely Love

Cats are the best. Sure, they're sassy and independent, but that's why I love them so much. They do their own thing — but at the end of the day, they are loyal companions who will cuddle up close and make you laugh. As a certified cat lover, I can also tell you that every item I see that has a cat on it, I need to have. To be honest, I scope out gifts for cat lovers for fun, so if you're struggling trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your roomie or sibling who loves cats, look no further than this list.

Cats are adorable and hilarious, and the whole world knows it. If your bestie needs new PJs for Christmas, you can find a cute pair with cats on it. How about a whimsy coffee mug for her kitchen? You bet there are a ton of cat-themed coffee mugs for you to choose from.

Just like how your cat will sit wherever they please (like your laptop when you're trying to get work done), you can find a cat on anything. Though, if you still need a little help looking for a gift for that cat-loving person in your life, here are 14 things that are complete and utter purr-fection.

1. A Pair Of Cute Cat Slippers


Cozy Cat Slippers - Black and Gold



I firmly believe that everyone needs a pair of cozy slippers to wear around the house. If your bestie loves spending nights in, snuggling with her cat, these comfy kitten slippers were made for her. They'll ensure her feet are nice and toasty.

2. This Cat Face Mug


Cat Face Mug



A cute cat mug like this is great for your bestie's meow-chiato or A-meow-icano in the morning. (See what I did there?) OK, I may have gone a little overboard with the puns, but you can't deny a mug like this is purrfect.

3. A Clever Doormat


The Original Bunch Of Cats In Here™ Doormat



Now, your friend can properly welcome people over to her apartment by letting them know that there are come pretty cool cats inside. This is a cat-loving zone only, after all!

4. This Cat Sweater


Lovely Cat Printed Color Block Long Sleeve Round Neck Pullover Sweatshirt


Beautiful Halo

There's nothing more adorable than seeing a cat's big eyes. They truly make you do anything a cat wants, like give them extra treats. There's no doubt your friend will swoon over the cat eyes on this colorful sweater from Beautiful Halo.

5. A Sweet Cat Beanie


Cat Whisker Beanie


Forever 21

This time of year, your bestie would much rather stay at home with her cat than brave the cold weather. However, work awaits. This cute cat beanie from Forever 21 will keep her warm, in style.

6. This Glam Kitty Kit


Winky Lux Online Only Kitty Glam Kit



This online exclusive from Ulta is a great stocking stuffer for your cat-loving BFF. The kit comes with Winky Lux flower balm and radiant pink strobbing balm, which doubles as a highlighter and blush. The set comes in a super cute kitten pouch that's perfect for when your friend is traveling.

7. A Cat Planter


Cat Planter



A succulent would look so adorable in this cat planter. You can either go with a traditional color like white or black, or something bright like pink, purple, or blue. There's even a glow-in-the-dark version that will really light up your friend's kitchen.

8. A Cat Tote


Kitten Print Tote



Your bestie can never have too many totes in her life, am I right? She can keep this cute cat bag in her car for when she does her grocery shopping, or use it to carry her lunch to work.

9. Literally Anything From Paul & Joe That Has A Cat On It


Paul & Joe Lipstick SPF 25 Clear UV


Beauty Bay

I'm loving Paul & Joe's cosmetics, because there are cats literally everywhere. This SPF lipstick is just too cute for words, and the brand also carries a ton of precious cat lipstick cases, compacts, and eyeshadows.

10. This Purrfect Backpack


Cute Cat Backpack


Boots N Bags Heaven

Let's be honest: The way the cat on this backpack is playing pee-a-boo is simply precious. There are a ton of pockets on it, and it comes in either beige or black faux leather, or canvas.

11. This Convenient Coin Purse


Sass And Belle Cat Key Ring Coin Purse



This cat coin purse will come in handy for collecting quarters for the laundry machine. It's tiny enough that your bestie can keep on her key ring, and she will also have a place to put any extra change she gets back.

12. A Cat Chalkboard


Sass And Belle Black Cat Chalkboard



This is a cute gift idea for your friend who likes to keep things organized. The cat will serve as added decor on her wall, but it's also great for jotting down notes and stuff she needs to buy at the grocery store.

13. These Coffee Spoons


Set of 4 Cat Coffee Spoons



How great is this set of cat coffee spoons? They'll certainly brighten up your bestie's morning. You can either purchase matching gold, silver, brass, or black spoons, or you can opt for a mix of all four.

14. This Cat Tumbler


Glitter Cat Tumbler



If your bestie's tumbler could use an upgrade, look no further than this cat one from Etsy. It'll add some sparkle to her desk, and this cute cat face is way too cute to pass up.

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