3 Things For Better Health April 16

1. Focus on wellness, not weight. "Embrace new habits that are good for whole-body health regardless of whether they lead to a change in weight," The Washington Post reported. "Because it's pretty clear that exercise and nutrition improve health, why not just focus on building better habits on those fronts, letting weight take a back seat? Eating foods that provide balanced nutrition, are delicious and leave you feeling good has inherent value. So does moving your body regularly. So does getting enough sleep and managing stress. Research shows that a Health At Every Size approach improves health regardless of weight." The report noted dieting can actually get in the way of a healthy balanced approach to food and restricted eating can lead to binging.

2. Take the 30 Days of Biking challenge discussed in this Monday Motivator and remember the stationary bike counts. So use the challenge as inspiration to get up and move every day in April.

3. Try jumping rope to burn calories. WebMD noted it's a low-impact activity and according to the American Academy of Exercise, a 10-minute session is equivalent to an eight-minute mile.

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