8 Of The Most Unconventional Treatments People Use To Get Rid Of Acne

The squeamish need not apply to test drive this acne treatment. Urine therapy involves catching your own pee and using it as a mask. Followers say that urea, an organic compound naturally found in urine, helps to condition this skin.

This might sound like something your older sister tells you just to see if you'll try it, but real dermatologists seem to have given urine therapy, or at least urea treatments, their seal of approval.

"It's actually not as disgusting as it sounds," dermatologist Whitney Bowe told Refinery29. "I recommend and prescribe different concentrations of urea, one of the main components of urine, all the time for my patients. It hydrates the skin and helps exfoliate away dead cells, giving skin a brighter appearance, smoother texture, and a healthy glow."

Source : https://www.businessinsider.com/unique-acne-treatments-2019-5

8 of the most unconventional treatments people use to get rid of acne
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