A Week In Los Angeles, CA, On A Joint $131,000 Salary

Monthly Expenses

Rent: $2,100 (We rent a two-bedroom apartment in a suburb of L.A. with a very good school district. We used to own a house in the city, but we sold it and moved when my son started kindergarten, in order to get into a better district.)

Loans: $0 (We both paid off our student loans, and we both drive used cars we bought for cash.)

Car Insurance: $165

Cell Phone: $145

Internet: $80

Electric: $75, but this varies month to month

Netflix: $11

Kids' Gymnastics: $168

Audible: $15

Transit Pass: $50

Preschool: $335

Hulu: $12

HBO: $15

Tithe: $310 twice a month

Kids' Colleges Funds: $250 ($125 into each)

Retirement: $1,050 pre-tax

Source : https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/stay-at-home-mom-los-angeles-ca-income-money-diary

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