A Man Secretly Replaced His Vegan Girlfriend's Soy Coffee Creamer With A Regular Dairy One, And It Gave Her Acne

A 24-year-old man told Reddit that he secretly changed his vegan girlfriend's soy coffee creamer to a regular dairy one, and it gave her acne.

  • He said she became vegan before they met, and it cleared up her skin, but he thought it was probably hormonal.

  • His plan backfired, his theory was proven wrong, and he said he would throw out the dairy creamer so her skin would hopefully return to normal.

  • People on the Reddit thread "TIFU (Today I F----- Up)" had many problems with his actions - some even called him abusive and manipulative.

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  • There's always going to be someone who thinks they know better, and will challenge the beliefs of everyone around them. Take one man on Reddit, for example, who asked the subreddit "TIFU (Today I F----- Up)" if he was in the wrong for accidentally causing his girlfriend's acne.

    The user posted that he'd been with his girlfriend for three years, and she had been vegan since before they got together for health reasons.

    "Mostly she swears that it cleared up her skin," he wrote. "From pictures, it seems she went from really gnarly acne to very clear skin."

    Rather than take her word for it, the man, who is 24, decided to take the fate of his girlfriend's skin into his own hands.

    He thought it might have been age-related, because your skin usually clears up when you get older. So, to test out his theory - and because he was "tired of all the vegan food" - he emptied out her soy coffee creamer container and filled it up with dairy creamer.

    "She's a great cook but sometimes a man just needs some mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs," the man wrote. "So I thought I would prove to her that the whole 'dairy gives me acne' thing is in her head."

    However, his plan backfired. He never got to do his "big reveal" about what he had done, because he realised that since the change, his girlfriend's skin had been flaring up with acne.

    "She's been wearing makeup both in and out of the house lately … and last night I saw her barefaced for the first time in a while and it is BAD," he wrote. "Like insects about to hatch out of her face bad."

    He said he planned to throw out the dairy and hoped her skin would go back to normal. He added that even though he "was doing it for her own good," he feels bad for being responsible for causing the problem.

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    It's fair to say others on the thread had more than a few problems with the man's actions.

    One said the problem wasn't the acne, per say, but the fact the man betrayed his girlfriend's trust.

    "You think you know what is good for her better than she does," they said "You're not just an a------, you're actually a bit of a monster since you still haven't realised this."

    Others pointed out the change could have made her physically ill, because eating animal products after many years of a plant-based diet can be difficult for your system.

    "You knew dairy f---s with her, which SHE told you, and you think you know better than she does and that you fed her dairy anyway FOR HER GOOD? Are you f------ serious?" said another commenter.

    A few people on the thread said this kind of behaviour could be abusive and manipulative. For example, it could be a sign of gaslighting, which is where someone knowingly toys with your sense of reality as a means to keep you under control.

    As the girlfriend may be stressed out about her skin, and searching for another possible reason her acne could be flaring up again, messing with her diet in secret could also be having a negative impact on her mental health.

    "If you're TRULY sorry and TRULY care about your girlfriend, you'll come clean and let her make the decision of whether you deserve forgiveness and whether she wants to stay with you," one person said. "If you don't, then you're just a selfish POS who once again has decided what he wants is more important than her."

    "You have NO right whatsoever to decide you know what's better for her health than she does," said another.

    "If you want Mac & cheese with cut up hot dogs in it, make it your own damn self."

    Source : https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/a-man-gave-his-vegan-girlfriend-acne-by-secretly-replacing-her-soy-coffee-creamer-with-a-regular-dairy-one/ar-AAB21tx

    A man secretly replaced his vegan girlfriend's soy coffee creamer with a regular dairy one, and it gave her acne
    A man gave his vegan girlfriend acne by secretly replacing her soy coffee creamer with a dairy one
    A man gave his vegan girlfriend acne by secretly replacing her soy coffee creamer with a regular dairy one
    A man secretly replaced his vegan girlfriend’s soy coffee creamer with a regular dairy one, and it gave her acne