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Question from Abbey, a Writer with "The New Hampshire" at UNH:

On Environmental Concerns, I know all these issues are extremely important, Health Care Coverage and everything else we've talked about. I was wondering where the Environment plays a part in all this. I was wondering if you would be willing to promote governmental incentives to Businesses to promote sustainable living in the country -- for the future? I just don't know where that plays a part in your campaign?

John Edwards: The answer to your Question -- Let me give you a definitive YES. And what I believe, is

that Al Gore is Right -- That Global Warming/Climate Change IS a Crisis!

It's NOT something for the Future. It's not something that going to happen 75 years down the road. I read an article in a British newspaper, a couple week ago, that said -- based on some work being done by American Scientists -- suggested that the Polar Ice Cap will disappear in 23 years unless we change our behavior. And once it's gone -- it is NOT coming back!

And this is -- you know, I won't claim to be a scientific expert, but I'm smart enough to figure out, that a Polar Ice Cap reflects the Sun's heat. And when that Ice Cap is gone, the black dark ocean, is going to absorb the Sun's heat. And it is not healthy for America -- Everyone knows this already -- we're the worst polluter on the planet! We're in a great competition with China -- this is exactly what we want to be, right? We put our 25% of the world's greenhouse gases.

I mentioned being proud of being the first one to come out with a Universal health care plan. I'm also proud I was the first one to come out with an aggressive, specific plan to fight Global Warming. Can I take just a minute and go through it?

Questioner: I've love you to (lol)

John Edwards: What I would do is Cap Carbon Emissions in America -- a National Cap. I would reduce our Carbon Emissions by a minimum of 80% by the year 2050. MINIMUM is Important -- because it MAY be necessary to do MORE than that! The more Scientific Information we get, the more severe the Problem appears to be. I'd bring that Cap down EVERY year. So that you keep reducing, keep reducing, keep reducing.

Beneath the Cap, for companies that want to send out Carbon Dioxide, I'd MAKE them buy a permit, to do it. THAT Money, the money from the permitting system, can be used to invest in Wind and Solar and cellulose-based Bio-fuels. And I'll point out another difference I have with some of the other Candidates -- I'm NOT for building more Nuclear Power Plants. I'm not satisfied that they ... Number 1, they are incredibly expensive. They take a long time to get on line. But I'm not satisfied that we have a safe way to dispose of waste.

I don't think that we should build ANY MORE coal fired power plants. Unless we have the ability to Capture the Carbon, which we DON'T today!

Beyond that, I also think that we ought to be investing and having American Car Companies make the most innovative cars on the planet. I'd put a Billion dollars, of the proceeds of that auctioning -- permit system into investment in our Car Companies making more fuel efficient -- plug-in hybrids for example, which I think have extraordinary potential.

And THEN, last but not least, this is a word you're not going to hear much from Presidential Candidates -- I would ask Americans to be willing to sacrifice. I would say to America ... (applause)

that it IS time for us to be patriotic about something other than War! For us to say, as a Country, if we want to be Stronger, If we want to be more Independent -- we HAVE to be willing to sacrifice. We got to drive more fuel-efficient Vehicles! We've got to conserve in our Homes! We've got to conserve in our Workplaces! Because you CAN'T spend, and innovate your way out of this Problem. It's gonna require all of us to take some Responsibility, and take some Action!

I will say, just a quick plug, we have a service organization nationally, that I set up a little over a year ago -- before the Campaign -- called One Corps (O-N-E One Core). And we act as a group, and there are over a thousand chapters -- we as a group are engaged in lots of activities. But one of the thing we've been doing is going into people's homes, who need ... you know, pipes covered, fluorescent -- I mean, light bulbs changed, you know really simple things. But we do it together to show that Americans Taking Action really matters. And we can make a Difference in this area.

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