Acne Studios Fjällräven Will Take You From The Club To The Wilderness

Wherever early fall inspiration leads you—on a treacherous, call-your-mother-first type of expedition or an all-night, don’t-tell-mom type bender—there’s a new collaboration from two iconic Swedish brands that’ll get you outfitted properly. Those labels: Acne Studios, known for taking a playful approach to style (starting with jeans back in 1997), and Fjällräven, the outdoors outfitter with nearly 80 years of experience protecting adventurous Scandinavians from harsh northern climes (the name literally translates to Arctic fox).

“It took a lot of convincing to reassure Fjällräven that we wouldn’t destroy what they have been building for so many years,” Acne Studios founder Jonny Johansson says with a chuckle. “I think mentioning the word ‘club’ was not good.” His initial concept of releasing a party-specific line together didn’t go over so well with the wilderness-loving Fjällräven folks. Fortunately, the conversation didn’t end there, and the two brands landed somewhere in between: “I was seeing their clothing going from nature to down in the club at nighttime,” Johansson says.

The result is a wide range of gear dropping this month that could practically outfit an explorer on a glacial expedition (check out the polar vortex-ready down parka) or just a really fresh kit for kicking it anywhere from Stockholm to Sacramento (bright orange camo pants and graphic tees with Acne’s signature wide neck ribbing). Fjällräven’s classic Kanken bag—the distinctive square rucksack that comes in a million different colors, and is the brand’s most popular item—has been reimagined for the first time in three new styles, including a tiny version that Johansson says “has become a party necessity.”


So what does one of the hottest fashion labels on earth have to learn from a down-to-earth heritage brand with no fashion ambition at all? “Not to be so nervous about what I do. Staying comfortable with what we’re good at, and seeing it. They were very aware of what they do well,” says Johansson, who just opened Acne Studios’ 54th store in West Hollywood this past spring. “For me it was very inspiring.”

Whatever your own inspiration leads you—to a treacherous summit or a Midsummer-style all-night bender—Acne Studios Fjällräven is here, available to buy now.

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Acne Studios Fjällräven Will Take You From the Club to the Wilderness
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