Acne Studios Just Launched One Of The Coolest Campaigns We've Seen In A While

Acne Studios doesn't really need to earn cool points anymore. The preferred purveyor of everything from high-end denim to top-notch bombers and beanies for folks who could rightly be considered "in the know," the brand already has all the right vibes on lock. That said, standing still is tantamount to going backwards in this day and age, so of course creative director Jonny Johansson decided to drop a seriously cool campaign on the world to mark the launch of the brand's newest collection.

> Inez & Vinoodh; Acne Studios.


The campaign features Atlanta-based couple Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony along with their four children, shot by fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh while on vacation in NYC. "I have been thinking about families for a long time," says Acne Studios creative director Jonny Johansson. "Since Acne Studios started as a collective, we would see each other as a family back in the days. I therefore wanted to portray households of today, in all constellations—this is how we found Kordale and Kaleb."

As for the collection itself, it's a pared-down offering of core Acne Studios styles emblazoned with a completely neutral graphic face. "This straightface, for me, really captures the Swedish man—not too happy, not too sad. Lagom," explains Johansson. "We were just joking around, but people liked it, and we thought of how Comme des Garçons had their Play character; something cartoonish and pop. Some people thought it was a Swedish version of that, but the Face was actually born from another mother, and motivation. So we worked with him a lot, and he appeared on other things and became bigger and bigger, and rather than let it get out of hand, I thought we should take control of this dude. Everybody loves him, so I thought he has to officially belong in the Acne family."

Check out a few of our favorite pieces from the collection below.


> Acne Studios

SHOP: $150,

Bomber Jacket

> Acne Studios

SHOP: $470,


> Acne Studios

SHOP: $280,

Track Pants

> Acne Studios

SHOP: $350,


> Acne Studios

SHOP: $150, >

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Acne Studios Just Launched One of the Coolest Campaigns We've Seen in a While
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