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Her father's rising in the ranks meant that life was getting a little bit nicer. Quickly, John moved his family out of Brooklyn. "For my siblings and me, moving to Howard Beach was like moving to Beverly Hills," Gotti said in the film. "Our modest, four-bedroom home seemed like a mansion. It was clear that we had left poverty behind. 

However, as she explained, "A nicer neighborhood didn't mean an easier life." John Jr. was shipped off to the New York Military Academy for his behavior and, soon, John was on the run again after a botched attempt at abducting another gangster in retaliation for a Gambino family murder. "Mom was left cleaning up the mess."

"After a year of evading the authorities, my father was arrested in a bar in Queens. Ironically, he had come back to defend a friend who turned out to be an informant. I think he was tired of hiding anyway," Gotti said. "After the trial and Dad went away, he officially earned his bones, a term used when a man becomes a wiseguy. To me, it was crushing, but I could still hear his voice. 'You only get so many tears in life. And don't waste them all up.'"

Identified by eyewitness and a police insider, John struck a plea bargain and received a four-year sentence for attempted manslaughter. He was released by summer 1977 after only two years. "And when he came back, it was a very different house," Gotti explained. "His baby girls weren't babies anymore."

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