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The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is the UK Government's independent regulator overseeing fertility treatment and research. 

Sperm donors should normally be aged between 18 and 41-years-old.Sponsored: Gambar Koala

A donor does not have any legal rights and responsibilities for children born from the donation, provided they donate through a licensed UK fertility clinic.

They will have no say over their upbringing and won't be required to pay anything towards their care.

However, if the donation is not done at clinic licensed by the HFEA, it is possible that they could be considered the legal father of any children conceived from a donation.

If a donation results in the birth of a child or children, the donor can apply to for information only on the number of children born, their gender, their year of birth.

If a donor donated after April 1 2005, a child born from the donation can find out certain details about them.

If they are aged 16, details they can be told include a physical description, where you were born, ethnicity, and marital status.

If they are aged 18, they can get the donors full name, date and town of birth, and a recent address.   

 Source: Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority 

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