Bognor Regis Woman Organising Awareness Day For Jo���s Cervical Cancer Trust

Friends and family members are rallying behind Kady and Margaret to stage the event at Newtown Social Club in Bognor Regis on September 2 between noon and 5pm.

The aim is to boost the coffers of the trust, the only UK charity dedicated to women, their families and friends affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities.

Kady from Bognor Regis underwent a hysterectomy as part of her treatment but she says she is so thankful to have come through the ordeal.

She said: “I just want to highlight and voice how important cervical screening is.

“Earlier this year, a week before my 30th birthday, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 1B.

“I began to show symptoms a few months after having my first baby last year but I wasn’t too worried as I thought it was likely to my hormones or the after-effects of having a baby.

“I went to my GP just to put my mind at rest and they thought the same. However, I was due to have my cervical screening test so this was booked in.

“My results from my scan and further tests confirmed I had cancer. This was heart-breaking to me and my family.

“The following examinations and scans showed the best treatment for me would be a radical hysterectomy.

“This was a major surgery but the results from the histology showed I would not need any further treatment just regular check-ups and my consultant says there is over 95 per cent chance that this cancer will not return.

“If it wasn’t for regular cervical screening my course of treatment could have been different and a lot less positive.

“I know many women will feel embarrassed and may feel this will never happen to them especially at a young age. But please do not be put off by this.

“A matter of minutes having your screening by official nurses (who see and do this all the time and will make no judgement) could make a big difference to your life.

“Cervical screening saved my life.

“It’ll be lovely to see as many people as possible at the fun day, where we will have fun stuff such as tombola, inflatables, a raffle, BBQ, craft stall, plant stall, cakes, face painting and much more!”

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Bognor Regis woman organising awareness day for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust