Could Computers Be More Accurate Than Humans In Diagnosing A Deadly Cancer?

(ABC News) - You likely know someone affected by this disease. 

In certain states, an estimated 10% of women were diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014.

It is caused by HPV - Human Papilloma Virus - and diagnosed by a pap smear and looking at a few cervical cells under a microscope.

Or, it turns out, with a computer.

New research looks at how computers stack up to humans when detecting pre-cancerous cervical cells.

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The computer is "taught" what normal and abnormal cells look like, and the study shows that the computers did just as well, and maybe even better, than the human eye.

Doctors are hopeful that this new technology will improve the speed, without negatively impacting the accuracy, of this life-saving screening measure.

Remember, the HPV virus now has one of the most effective vaccines in recent history, and whoever gets the shots before age 15 may not have to worry about cervical cancer. 

But, until more have the vaccine, the computer can help.

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