Dear President Obama

Dear Editor: I love watching Major League Baseball. I was watching the MLB Channel, and they were celebrating Jackie Robinson and Black History Month. One commentator said Jackie Robinson might not have been the greatest African-American ballplayer, but he had the best temperament and was the prefect man for breaking the racial barriers that were present in MLB.

The MLB channel commentator added that Barack Obama was the perfect person to break the barrier for the presidency of the United States. Obama is hardworking, family man, smart, honest, witty, and well liked by most Americans.

In eight years, none of Obama’s political team was indicted. The economy grew, and American soldiers entered no new wars. Americans also got better health care. Obama’s presidency is a success. President Obama is still not a big fan of Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, or other dictators.

President Obama said that in President Trump’s first two years, he has found so many of his political team convicted that he can start a football team.

Americans can thank President Obama for the high standards he set for all presidents.

Daniel Holzman

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