Estée Lauder Sues Founder Of Toronto Based Skin Care Company Deciem Following His Sudden Closure Of Business

In April, Deciem’s Kilner, who was fired by Truaxe and rehired earlier this year, said in an Elle magazine article that 450 people, most under the age of 35, were employed by the company.

In an Instagram post in May, Truaxe wrote: “I control the company; I’m running the company. Forget the shares. Yes, I may be the biggest shareholder, but that doesn’t mean anything. There are arrangements in place that no shareholder, even if they end up owning 99 per cent [can fire me.] I choose to leave when I choose to leave.”Sponsored: Gambar Koala

Truaxe has boasted in the past of spending nothing on marketing and reaching an eager clientele via social media postings and word of mouth.

A court hearing has been scheduled for Friday.

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Estée Lauder sues founder of Toronto-based skin care company Deciem following his sudden closure of business
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