Ethiopia Launches National Plan To Reduce Uterine Cancer

Addis Abbaba, Apr 16 (Prensa Latina) Ethiopia Public Health Ministry implemented today national strategies for the reduction of deaths by non-communicable diseases, mainly those with higher incidence such as that of uterus Cancer.

According to internal statistics, after breast cancer, almost 15 percent of patients are affected by this disease, which paradoxically can be treated easily if the patient goes to the health facility when the first symptom is seen.

Hence, the entity launched a plan to sensitize communities, strengthening awareness in rural areas, more vulnerable.

In each health facility, the Ministry also determined to perform visual inspection with ascetic acid and to evaluate, through the required tests, all women without exception.

'This was not done before, at least not with the necessary rigor; it does not matter if almost half of the Ethiopian population are women, the cervical-uterine exams should reach all of them, and then issue reports on it to draw up better strategies at the national level, 'pointed out the Cervical Cancer coordinator of the Health Ministry, Takelech Moges.

In turn, Moges said that apart from providing detection tests and medicines in 170 health facilities and 50 private hospitals, the Government is actively involved in the provision of vaccination and immunization services against cervical cancer.

Worldwide, according to researches, around 40 percent of citizens die every year due to non-communicable diseases.


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Ethiopia Launches National Plan to Reduce Uterine Cancer
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