Factbox Women's Rights In The Arab World

Vanessa Renfer, 40, farmer

"Much remains to be done in terms of social insurance, all the rights related to retirement, to savings, where women often work part-time, in jobs that are less well-paid, and they end up with miserable pensions. That is where, in my opinion, Switzerland has a long road ahead."

Lynn Bertholet, 60, private bank manager

"We really need things to happen in favor of more equitable working conditions in terms of men and women, of paternal leave, of child nurseries, of a women’s ability to go back to work without being punished in her CV, etc.

"In almost every area of a couple’s life, there is a need to even things out and in companies themselves there is a real ‘glass ceiling’, the way of treating women is different than the way they treat men. I realize that because most of my existence has been as a man and I think things really must change."

Adele Thorens, 48, Green Party politician

“There is a whole range of issues on which we still need to progress, be they classic themes like equal pay or new themes that a new generation of young women have raised such as harassment in the street.

"As a politician, I would like to highlight a key theme that corresponds to what I have experienced, which is under-representation of women in organs of power, at the political level, but also at the economic level, and in all spheres of our society where important decisions are taken.

Source : https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2019/06/14/world/europe/14reuters-swiss-women-portraits-factbox.html

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