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Endometriosis is a painful condition that affects women when the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. The lining grows in other parts of the body like ovaries, fallopian tube or even the pelvis.

Here is a list of things that every woman should know about endometriosis:

Signs and symptoms:

1.Some of the symptoms to look out for include:

  • Painful menses- you are likely to experience cramps days before your periods and the pain could go even days into your period.
  • Painful Intercourse – Endometriosis tends to make you experience pain during and after sexual intercourse.
  • Excessive bleeding_ endometriosis may cause very heavy menses and they could go for long.
  •  Pain while excreting- This mostly happens when you are on your menses. You could experience pain

2.Cause not known:

According to Web MD, the real cause of endometriosis is yet to be known. That’s unfortunate enough. Some health experts say ‘that menstrual blood with endometrial cells travels back through the fallopian tubes and passes out into the pelvic cavity where the cells stick to the organs. This is known as retrograde menstruation.’ https://www.webmd.com/women/endometriosis/endometriosis-causes#1

Endometriosis is also believed to be genetic.

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3.It may cause fertility issues

According to Cosmopolitan, around have the women suffering from endometriosis experience difficulties while trying to conceive. This however does not entirely mean that if you have endometriosis then you cannot conceive.

4. It is not related to cancer

Any area affecting the pelvic area does not automatically mean that it is linked to ovarian or cervical cancer.  According to Cosmopolitan, "every single benign tissue in our bodies has the potential to turn into cancer; therefore, it could be argued that the deposits of endometriosis could turn into cancer. However, this would an extremely rare event." https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/body/health/news/a42873/things-women-should-know-about-endometriosis/

The above stated are just a few basic things that every woman should be aware of when it comes to matters endometriosis. There is so much more about this condition that we should know.



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