How Your Hair Health Changes In Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s & Beyond

As you enter your 30s, your vagina will lose its natural muscle tone and kegel exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor become increasingly important, Moore told INSIDER.

"Today, many of us are postponing childbirth into our 30s and 40s, when pelvic floor muscles are getting weaker and have decreased tone because, well, gravity isn't our friend," she explained.

If the pelvic floor muscles become too weak, you are at risk for pelvic organ prolapse, a condition where the bladder, uterus, or rectum fall down and push on the vagina, in addition to heightened risk for urinary or fecal incontinence.

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Luckily, simple kegel exercises can keep the vagina strong and, in turn, prevent these conditions. To perform vagina-strengthening kegel exercises, contract your pelvic floor muscles (the ones that you squeeze to stop peeing mid-stream), hold the contraction for 10 seconds, relax, and repeat the process four or five times, three times daily.

If you had a vaginal birth, the vagina stretched to allow the baby to exit the womb. In some cases, the skin between the vagina and anus can tear naturally or be cut by a doctor to make room for the baby, according to the National Health Service.

Swelling, stretching, and inflammation can occur during this time, but tends to subside. Though the vagina may never return to its original size and shape, Kegel exercises can help with that.

Even though the pelvic floor may weaken and your vagina may stretch in your 30s, this is the time when women are, "physically capable of best sex of their lives" due to their hormone levels, Moore said. She noted, however, that this is only true from a physiological standpoint.

"How you feel about your partner and the communication you have is probably a whole lot more important than your hormone levels," she explained. Your partner's sexual prowess and your attraction to them play important roles in sexual satisfaction, too.

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