India’s Grey Clouds Of Depression

What is difficult for people to understand is that depression takes many forms. One is the stereotypical version seen on TV commercials. These people are depicted as lifeless, lacking in ambition, barely able to summon the energy to get off the sofa. That is one way in which the disease manifests itself.

In the years since I was diagnosed, I have done extensive research on depression. I have learned how often the propensity for depression is genetic. What is perhaps the most difficult for the layman to understand is that one type of depression is typical of Type A personalities. We appear to be ambitious, optimistic, outgoing, in fact, often at the top of our game.Sponsored: Gambar Koala

For those of us with this kind of depression, the disease is often accompanied by anxiety. What this translates into is someone who, because of fear, goes into high gear to be the best in career, relationships, any aspect of human life that can be characterized as either success or failure.

When my popularity was at its height, I would spend sleepless night worrying about everything. "I am not the best news anchor"; "I am not the best mother"; "failure is around the corner if I don't put forth even more energy." I hid it as people do with this form of depression. It is important that no one see us as less than successful in any aspect of our lives.

When I was first diagnosed, the doctor prescribed a medication that left me going from bouts of euphoria to bouts of inertia.

The next medication left me feeling as though I were living in a fog.

Finally. a doctor prescribed the medication that I have taken for more than two decades. There are two medications: one is for depression; the other is for anxiety. It is essential that I take both of these. The anxiety accompanying depression can be debilitating.

It is also important to realize that finding the "right" medication is trial and error. There are many ways in which depression manifests itself; there is myriad medication to treat it. I was frustrated when a medication was not effective; unlike taking antibiotics for an infection, finding the right medication can take months. It left me feeling that the process of finding the correct medication was not worth the side effects.

I cannot begin to describe all the ways in which my life has changed since the doctor prescribed the correct medications for my type of depression. The gray cloud has lifted; I can accept myself, flaws and all.

The second news item that was upsetting was that the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services is announcing reforms that would remove antidepressants from the current classes of protected drugs for seniors. This means that the government is not acknowledging depression as a disease.

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