Ingredient Hunting With A Holistic Skin Care Expert

Cosmetics industry launches seem to out-do themselves every year – this retrospective article will take a look at some of my favourite ingredient launches and trends for 2018!

Microbiome diversifying:​ it’s not enough just to balance the microbiome for anti-acne or skin balancing results, this year saw microbiome themed launches for scalp health with Phenbiox (Pure-Phen) and anti-inflammatory results with Fensebiome peptide (Lipotec) and Equibiome (Seppic).


Hair anti-ageing:​ 2018 saw two big launches in a new ‘anti-ageing’ category for the hair, to reverse visual greying and hair fall, with Greyverse (IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics) and DN-Age (BASF Personal Care).

Consumers want fast results:​ one of the most successful launches of 2018, winning multiple in-cosmetics Innovation Zone awards, was MossCellTec No1 (Mibelle Biochemistry) – and it’s no wonder, with is sustainability message, natural sourcing and moisture boosting, skin enhancing results in as little as 2 weeks despite climatic stress!

Other launches with dramatic results​ included MagicLift 2W Soyamine (AH&NS) for face remodelling and lifting effects in 2 weeks, and PrimalHyal Ultrafiller (Givaudan Active Beauty), which provides instant wrinkle filling benefits while providing long term benefits such as reducing collagen degradation and boosting the skins defences against


Water reduction>

Multi-protection important:​ alpha-Lupaline (Laboratoires Expanscience) was a fantastic all-in-one protective material, providing blue-light, UV and IR protection whilst also boosting skin integrity, firmness and elasticity to prevent visible signs of ageing.


Holistic approach to anti-ageing:​ there’s no doubt stress and our lifestyle impacts our skin, but launches in 2018 addressed our modern lifestyle’s impact on our skin as well!

Launches included Bel-Even (DSM Nutritional Products) to reverse the visual impact of stress on our skin, Chrono Chardy (Ichimaru Pharcos Co Ltd) to enhance ‘clock’ genes to maintain the skin’s biological clock despite shift work and B-Circadin (Clariant) with visible results in as little as a few days by regulating the circadian rhythym’s impact on hydration including defense against blue light exposure!


natural and organic ingredients​, including functional and active ingredients to address and support the needs of performance, stability and aestheitics of these products grew in response to the dramatic increase in consumer demand for natural and organic products with competitive performance and pleasing sensory experience.

Stay tuned for what I’ll be tipping as the big trends and predictions for 2019... 

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