Iowa Student Suspended For BB Gun Found In Car Parked Off Campus

DYERSBURG, Miss. — Dyersburg Police Department confirmed two men were arrested after they were found with drugs and a gun on Dyersburg High School’s parking lot.

On Monday, March 5, the Dyersburg Police responded to a call from Dyersburg High School police about a suspect that could possibly show up to the school in retaliation to previous events.

Police located the suspect driving through the school’s parking lot and made a traffic stop.

Officers searched the vehicle after smelling marijuana and fining out the suspect’s license was suspended.

One of passengers in the back of the car, 19-year-old Anthony Lee Thomas, was taken into custody after a handgun was found on him.

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Police later learned the gun was stolen and fully loaded at the time of the traffic stop.

Marijuana was found in the vehicle during a search.

The driver of the vehicle, 20-year-old Deshawn Alexander Gorman, was issued citations for driving on a suspended license, simple possession of marijuana and a no trespass notice for being on Dyersburg High School’s property.

Gorman is expected to appear in Dyersburg City Court on March 30.

Thomas was transported to Dyer County Law Enforcement Center and is charged with theft of property under $1000, possession of a weapon while on school property and criminal trespass.

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