Jobless Rate Steady At 5.8 Pc In June

The capital region’s jobless rate has been a steady 4.4 per cent for three straight months, Statistics Canada reported Friday.

The federal agency said this was despite a net drop of 1,200 jobs from May to June. The region’s labour force, which includes those looking for work, shrank enough to nearly offset the lost jobs.

However, these estimates, which were adjusted for seasonal influences, likely understated the health of the capital’s job market.

Statcan also calculated (on an unadjusted basis) that the number of full-time jobs in Ottawa and Gatineau increased by 9,900 (1.6 per cent) from May to June while part-time employment declined by 5,800 (4.3 per cent). The result: part-timers in June made up 17 per cent of the workforce compared to 18 per cent in May.

The region’s largest employer, the federal government, added several hundred new workers in June compared to May, producing a new total of 127,900.

Over the same period, Statcan estimated the number of tech jobs slipped by 2,700 to 127,600.

Nationally, the Canadian economy added 31,800 jobs in June, but the unemployment rate increased to six per cent from 5.8 per cent in May.


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