Kendall Jenner Has "Cried Endlessly For Days" Over Criticism About Her Acne

Kendall Jenner wants us all to know that she’s human!

The 23-year-old has been at the center of one PR nightmare after another, with the latest backlash coming from her partnership with

Proactiv — you know, the one where she lied about them curing her acne?

Now, the model (and her uh, interesting blue brows) graces the cover of Allure magazine‘s March 2019 issue, and apparently Kenny still has a lot to get off her chest about the public’s reaction to her struggles with acne.

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We thought she might have addressed it all in her lengthy

Instagram post, where she acknowledged that  “there are much bigger problems happening in the world.” (We mean seriously, there are bigger problems.)

But the reality is, Kendall never expected things to escalate to this after that night at the 2018

Golden Globes, telling the publication:

“I mean, it’s something that I look at myself in the mirror every day and see. Like, I don’t want it there, but you have to deal with what you have right in front of you, and I had to deal with it, and it was probably a once in a lifetime thing for me to go to the Golden Globes (in 2018). I don’t know if I’ll ever go again, ’cause that’s not usually my event to go to, you know? And so I went and I was super excited about it, and I’m not gonna let something so little (and big) as acne stop me. I was feeling good about myself, and then when people say mean things I’m like, ‘I know I have a zit. I know I’m breaking out. You guys don’t have to keep pointing it out. I obviously see that, but let me live.'”

And while the KUWTK star is no stranger to her life being put on blast 24/7, she does see those mean comments and can’t help but affected by them:

“I have cried endlessly for days because of things people have said to me, and I’ve had to become stronger through it. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I am not superhuman. I definitely feel, and the things people say online are very hurtful. You also just have to live your life and not pay attention to it. I think it can get pretty unhealthy if you really are deep in it and paying attention to it all the time. I think that that’s what can really mess you up.”

It sounds like the older Jenner’s thick skin (sorry, we couldn’t resist) came to the rescue here.

Speaking of her skin though, Kendall says has the best skin care routine out of the KarJenner clan:

“I honestly might need to take credit for this one, only because they haven’t really struggled with breakouts. Khloe did a little bit when she was really young, and then Rob a bit when he was really young but he’s not my sister (laughs). They all have beautiful skin. So I will talk myself up and say that I might be the [skin-care] master in the family.”

Well, while we can’t stop people from saying what they want online, one thing’s for sure: she does look great in her spread for Allure! Check out the rest of the photos from the set (below):

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Do YOU guys think Kendall is overreacting to the hate? Or should people practice a little more kindness online? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Cass Bird/Allure.]

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