LETTER: Mackay Responds To Cillo's Response

I still believe Republicans vote party. If not President Nixon, President Reagan, President Bush and Rep. Leonard Lance, R-7, would not have been re-elected. I would bet the house on Trump getting re-elected if the election was held today even though he has demonstrated he is not a moral, ethical, honest and truthful person. Ms. Cillo said that Leonard Lance is a moderate conservative. In his nine years he has a ZERO effectiveness rating

He submitted 25 bills and none ever made it past committee. He has voted against affordable housing and given himself a raise. I wouldn’t call him moderate - he is non-existent. He believes if you don’t do anything you can’t do anything wrong. He only votes against the president when the president doesn’t need his vote. All other times he votes with the president. Check it out, I did.

Source : http://www.newjerseyhills.com/hunterdon_review/opinion/letters_to_the_editor/letter-mackay-responds-to-cillo-s-response/article_591f36a5-6473-5dbd-b490-0cea7209800c.html

LETTER: Mackay responds to Cillo's response
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