Letter To The Editor: Free Cancer Screenings Offered

According to data from the New York State Department of Health, there are certain populations of women who are less likely to have received a mammogram as recommended. These women are often uninsured and without a primary health care provider. The CSP provides life-saving mammograms to eligible women without health insurance and can help them find a health care provider that they can see regularly. Our program can also help enroll eligible women in the NYS Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program to receive treatment if cancer is found.

Source : https://poststar.com/opinion/letters/letter-to-the-editor-breast-cancer-screenings-can-save-lives/article_7600feb6-4f91-5d37-a8a0-ea9b4f5d5feb.html

Letter to the editor: Breast cancer screenings can save lives
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Letter to the editor: Free cancer screenings offered