Letters To The Editor For Tuesday, Oct. 2

Educate yourself on the dangers of vaping for youth

Thanks to FCHS Principal Willman, Assistant Principals Voelker and Johnson, FCHS Nurse Eldridge, SRO Woodruff, and PTO President Gillespie for hosting a very informative Community “In-Reach” meeting on the severe dangers of vaping, juuling and use of marijuana and nicotine by our youth.

Our Place Drug and Alcohol representatives presented statistics on our NAFCS 8th, 10th, and 12th graders who responded to a survey about use of marijuana, prescription drugs and JUULing/vaping. After learning of the dangers each substance causes our youth, to have one student admit to using any of these is scary. Four percent-8th graders; 20 percent-10th graders and 31 percent-of 12th graders admit to using marijuana in the past 30 days. Also 10 percent-8th graders, 22 percent-10th graders, 36 percent-12th graders admit to vaping use in the last 30 days.

Each JUUL pod contains the amount of nicotine found in a pack of cigarettes. These pods are as small as a flash drive. Parents, please be engaged in conversations with your kids about the dangers of this. It is a LIE, that vaping/JUULing is “better for you” than cigarettes or pot. Nicotine and cancer causing chemicals can be found in ALL JUUL liquids. These items are also training their not-fully-developed brain to be chemically dependent (a.k.a “addicted”).

After this parent forum I had the conversation with my daughter and some of her friends. They did not know the facts about these products. I pray the youth I’m involved with heed the warning and you will educate yourself and the youth that surround you. Education is a powerful tool to combat addiction. Please contact Our Place Drug & Alcohol Education Services for material regarding this topic, 812-945-3400.

— Lee Ann Wiseheart, New Albany

Dr. Rita Fleming understands importance of school funding

[A recent] issue of the News and Tribune features an article about a Jeffersonville High Student being struck by a car. This student was traveling from a subdivision that was added to the “no transportation zone” this school year. This is what happens when students are forced to cross busy streets in order to get to school.

This is part of a bigger issue: The starvation of public school budgets. When our elected officials take money from our public schools, we force those schools to make choices that harm the students. This student struck by a vehicle is a concrete example of the harm that comes from school budget cutbacks.

This is why I’m supporting candidates who are in favor of properly funding our schools. Dr. Rita Fleming, running for the Indiana House in Jeffersonville, is one of those candidates. When you cast your ballot in November, I hope everyone takes the time to make sure their candidates take school funding seriously, like Dr. Fleming does!

— Kathy Tavares, Jeffersonville

Lee Cotner has earned re-election to the NAFC School Board

I am writing to express my support for the re-election of Mr. Lee Cotner for NAFC School Board. Mr. Cotner takes a hands-on approach and attends quite a few district events. This ensures he stays in tune with what is going on with faculty, administration and students around the district. His involvement helps him advocate for the best educational opportunities for every student.

If you have ever attended or watched a School Board meeting, you will notice that Mr. Cotner does not believe in grandstanding. He has no agenda beyond doing what is right for the students, staff, and taxpayers of Floyd County. He is concise and to the point with his remarks. His experience is extremely valuable to the Board. He knows his role and “stays in his lane.”

Mr. Cotner, as well as his wife and daughters, attended NAFC Schools. He has lived here his entire life (except when away at college and law school). You can count on him to do the right thing. Please join me in casting your vote for Lee Cotner for NAFC School Board.

— Mark Jelenchick, Georgetown

Sen. Grooms is both ethical, professional in daily life

We would have to say that Senator Ron Grooms is an ethical man. In our experiences with the two-term senator, he has always conformed to the accepted and professional standards. He conducts his legislative business and personal business with moral principles and practices this discipline daily. You might say that he “walks his talk” and “talks his walk.”

Senator Grooms’ decency, honesty and just behavior not only provides an example for others in the Statehouse, but for all of us.

— Ron and Donna Schad, New Albany

Source : http://www.newsandtribune.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor-for-tuesday-oct/article_5c3f87ba-cb44-11e8-95e6-07e84960833d.html

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