Make Your Female Health A Priority In Honor Of National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

RAINY DAYS. Last week: Sometimes the weather can make it difficult to explain to a tourist why Florida is known as the Sunshine State. Every once in a while, we have a week like this past week, when it rains continually for several days. Sometimes, I guess, Mother Nature just needs to remind us that she is in control and that she can do whatever she wants to do for as long as she wants to do it. In this modern era, we have learned how to double our knowledge every 12 months, but we have never figured out how to control the weather.

TRAE YOUNG. Looking ahead: The Orlando Magic had a chance  to secure a top-3 pick in this year’s NBA draft. Unfortunately, the Magic drew the sixth pick for the draft. But this still may be good news for Orlando, because all roads forward for the Magic now run through Oklahoma point guard Trae Young. Young is considered to be the most marketable among this year’s talented field of draft picks. So if the Magic select Young in the draft, they will do well. But if another team with an earlier pick selects Young, Orlando will be able to draft the superstar that team bypassed.


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