Oxfam GB’s Mark Goldring To Stand Down

“It is with great sadness and with thanks for his dedication and leadership that I accepted Mark’s decision to stand down.

“Having led Oxfam successfully for five years, working with millions of people to help them escape poverty, building the international Oxfam confederation, and raising record levels of income, Mark faced the test of a lifetime managing the crisis which hit us in February and related to events before he joined. He rose to the immense challenge and his leadership has been invaluable through it. It is testament to his integrity and humility that Mark will see through the next few difficult months.

“Mark’s decision today is in keeping with his work over the last five years. His top priority has always been to ensure that Oxfam has a great future, focused on the people we are here to serve, helping them to escape the dirty water, hunger and other daily realities of life in poverty now and for good.”

Source : https://fundraising.co.uk/2018/05/16/oxfam-gbs-mark-goldring-stand/

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