Princeton High School Students Use Social Media To Remember A Friend, Raise Brain Cancer Awareness

Where do you get your information? This is total bunk. The FBI, Bureau of Justice Statistics and many universities do extensive data collection, research and studies on all aspect of firearms. You seem to have absorbed the “party line” of the anti-gun-rights movement which likes to play fast and loose with the truth. If you’re going to slam the NRA, it’s best to fact check your statements. The cutting of CDC funding was a long time ago, and President Obama used one of his executive orders very recently to fund new research by the CDC. In fact, their first paper came as something of a shock to him, I’m sure.

Ask yourself this: why won’t ANY police force or military unit adopt “smart guns”? Why not? The answers are numerous:

1. Thus far, the electronics cannot tolerate the recoil of anything higher than a .22LR caliber, making them useless for mose police, military and self-defense applications. No doubt this will improve, but thus far, the technology isn’t ready for prime time.

2. Have you ever reached for a flashlight in an emergency only to find the batteries dead? The same can happen with your “smart gun.” Guns are emergency gear, and often go untended for weeks and months at a time. Batteries are unreliable.

3. “Blue screen of death.” The chips in these guns are small computers. We’ve all suffered with computers, phones and cars with bad chips. Do you want to suffer with one when your life depends on it?

4. Any verification interface — biometric, fingerprint, thermal, magnetic, RFID, etc. — MUST work each and every time. Mud, rain, snow, heat, sweat, debris can all find their way into holsters. Few interfaces are tolerant of the extremes that the real world introduces. Failure to read is high. Just buy a biometric safe and see for yourself.

Lastly, any half-competent person could tear apart such a gun, remove the electronics and fashion a working firearm. It’s not overly difficult, especially when anyone with decent shop equipment could make a zip gun in their garage! And 3-D printers make gun parts available to anyone with the wherewithal to buy one.

Smart guns are opposed due to politics, not the NRA. A certain Senator introduced legislation that triggers a mandate that would bar sales of non-smart guns by a certain date, and require all non-smart guns to be retrofitted with the technology by a certain date. These mandates were written by politicians ignorant of the technology or its capabilities. It would be akin to mandating flying cars because a couple of exotic models have emerged. THAT is what the NRA opposes, and for good reason.

The NSSF is the actual “gun lobby.” The NRA is a gun RIGHTS lobby. Learn the difference.

Comment by Stu Chisholm — February 5, 2015 @ 4:51 pm

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