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He has only one way of remaining President

Obama Is Not Progressive

Call him a big-government conservative or call him America's City Manager. Liberals have to disabuse themselves of the idea that Obama is caving in on his core principles, because his core principle is being reasonable.

Sometimes it works and sometimes not, but as long as progressives keep thinking that he'll "fight back" or "draw a line in the sand," they're doing themselves a disservice and, ironically, clinging to the same belief held by the right: that a Hawaiian with an extra consonant at the end of his name must be a progressive. He's not, and he never really was.

He is naturally bipartisan we are not, the fact that he can get Republicans to support their policies almost unanimously when they concern pampering the rich; this proves his adaptability, and our insignificance.

Democrats in congress have been proved to be incapable of getting the job done especially in the senate so Obama has had to turn to more reliable allies, ie the other side of the aisle.

Or at least this is what is being used to back up the current wisdom inside the beltway.

I look at it as a long term opportunity for progressives to start working on the issues that most Americans support. I have come to the conclusion that the current farce in DC needs to reach its logical conclusion of eviscerating the middle class and pandering to the elite. Only then will conditions be right for real change to take place.

We have an underclass of people with no unemployment insurance surviving on food banks and charity. We have millions living with the prospect of no job security and the risk of long term unemployment. We have millions more working until they drop in multiple jobs just to make ends meet. We have millions who cannot afford the mandated health insurance no matter how low the premiums can be reduced.

We have a meaningless war on terror, and a war on drugs ripping whole nations apart, we are more feared than respected around the globe.

We have avoided dealing with the greatest challenge facing humanity in Climate Change by bowing before the rampant needs of the corporations and elite managed by their lobbyist shock troops.

All this is apparently still not enough, the population is silent and accepting apart from the odd squawk from the corporate sponsored Tea party and right wing blowhards.

Obama is right in rejecting the left.

Conditions are not bad enough for change.

Hope came too early, apparently we need total social erosion before we will resist the current climate in DC.

His Hope and Change campaign has served a good lesson for the left.

Never promise what you cannot deliver.

So now is the time to return to politics at a grassroots level, let those in DC crash and burn as they are incapable of behaving differently. Eventually the house of cards will fall, and we must be ready with viable solutions.

So thank you Mr President for rejecting the left, it has been a well executed lesson.

As progressives we must learn to stand on our own two feet and not put our hopes in someone else, and we ourselves must work for change.

Thank you Mr President for the lesson even if you did not mean to give one.

Now the long hard work starts again.

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