Salon Workers Learn About Early Cancer Detection Program

"Any successful company--whether it's a startup, medium-sized company or large corporation--is built by people who care and are laser-focused on results. Sometimes, though, if a change in direction is needed, these individuals end up going so far down a path that it's hard for them to self-correct. They are unable to simply stop doing what they thought they should do initially and refocus their energy in a new way. As a leader, to ensure that employees succeed, providing absolution is key to helping them switch gears. This means acceptance, forgiveness and support--and relieving them of any guilt or burden that they may be carrying as a high-achiever. This helps employees to clear their conscience so that they can freely move forward in the right direction for their company. Top employees often beat themselves up or worry that they're coming up short of perfection in the eyes of management. Good leaders provide absolution to empower these employees to propel ahead, get out of their own way and excel in business as a result."

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