Should We All Be Drinking 'raw' Water Straight From A Spring? That's The Latest Health Fad. ALICE HART DAVIS Was A Convert — Until She Sent Her 'deliciously Refreshing' Drink ...

Alice Hart-Davis tried the growing American trend for drinking 'raw' water

  • Many claim water in its natural state is better for you than bottled or tap

  • Researches have discovered fragments of plastic in popular bottled waters 

  • The 'raw' water Alice tried at Barton Spring contained high levels of nitrate   

  • By Alice Hart-davis For The Daily Mail

    Published: 17:26 EDT, 8 April 2018 | Updated: 09:23 EDT, 9 April 2018


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    Should we all be drinking 'raw' water straight from a spring? That's the latest health fad. ALICE HART-DAVIS was a convert — until she sent her 'deliciously refreshing' drink ...
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