Taiwan's Gift To The World

Blust suggests that these two long pauses were due to the time required to develop two leaps in boat technology. Crossing the 375-km seas separating Taiwan from the Philippines would have required much better boats than crossing the mere 140-km strait between mainland China and Taiwan. The ship-building revolution that brought the Philippines and Indonesia within reach may have involved the invention of outrigger canoes. Blust identifies many words in extra-Taiwanese Austronesian languages, but none in the Taiwanese languages, for the component parts of these canoes — which, in historical times, were widespread among Austronesian peoples except for the Taiwanese, who only had bamboo sailing rafts. Similarly, the second ship-building revolution essential to mastery of the open oceans separating the islands of east Polynesia may have been the invention of the Polynesian double-hulled platform sailing canoe, rated by eighteenth-century European seafarers as superior to contemporary European ocean-going ships.

Source : https://www.nature.com/articles/35001685?error=cookies_not_supported&code=8c4d0e3a-cbb0-40f5-bce5-70381448fbfd

Taiwan's gift to the world
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