The 8 Absolute Best Sunscreens To Wear Under Your Makeup

We get it—you hate sunscreen. It’s too greasy, it’s too thick, it breaks you out, and, most annoyingly, it turns your makeup into a patchy, shiny mess. At least, that’s what you’ve been telling yourself since junior high. In reality, today’s sunscreens are freaking awesome. They’re lightweight, semi-matte, and non-chalky, and they look completely invisible under your foundation. And I know you already know this, but it wouldn't be right not to say that even though we're in the middle of winter,

your skin deserves sun protection year-round.

And to prove it to you, we cherry-picked the eight absolute best formulas to slather on every morning (every single morning, lest you become a skin-cancer statistic). These sunscreens can fight acne, brighten dark marks, fade scars, and, yes, even make your foundation look ridiculously smooth and natural. A lot has changed since your Britney Spears days.

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The 8 Absolute Best Sunscreens to Wear Under Your Makeup
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