The Best Natural And Organic Small Batch Skin Care Brands Made By Experts

Allow us to preface with this: We don’t see our Sephora shopping trips ending anytime soon. Seriously, what do you expect us to do without our Fenty Beauty foundation or Kat Von D lipstick? Yes, we have unhealthy attachments to our makeup that will take some serious rehab to let go of.

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But in the meantime, we’re getting familiar with stripped-down brands that don’t compromise the safety of their ingredients for scale. As we begin to unearth more information about the way beauty products are made in the good ol’ USA, we’re realizing that, hey, maybe our skin doesn’t need all of the nasties; parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances, to name a few.

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Small-batch brands may be, well, small, but there are plenty of them to go around. And the best part is that most fall under the “clean beauty” category. Check out our green glossary if you have no idea what that means. If you’ve already been schooled, ahead are 20 small-batch brands that should definitely be on your radar.

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STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Aimee Raupp Beauty Aimee Raupp Beauty

Aimee Raupp utilized her work as an acupuncturist and herbalist to create this line of organic skin-care products.

Try: Organic Blemish Be-Gone Stick, $9 at Aimee Raupp Beauty

Photo: Aimee Raupp Beauty
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Aster & Bay Aster & Bay

In 2012, Erin Hammond parlayed an interest in Western herbalism into this line of plant-based products, whose ingredients are derived from local herbs and coastlines in Scotland.

Try: Dandelion Face Grains, $11 at Aster & Bay

Photo: Aster & Bay
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Bahi Cosmetics Bahi Cosmetics

This small business is renowned for its magical concoction of all-natural ingredients for both skin and makeup. Its Sunflower Serum is renowned for its ability to make dark spots disappear in record time.

Try: Sunflower Sweets Serum, $22 at Bahi Cosmetics

Photo: Bahi Cosmetics
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Cecilia Wong Skincare Cecilia Wong Skincare

Cecilia Wong and her team of experts work to ensure that each product is not only cruelty-free but made with raw ingredients.

Try: Black Currant Serum, $72 at Cecilia Wong Skincare

Photo: Cecilia Wong Skincare
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Earth Tu Face Earth Tu Face

Two herbalists are the beauty experts behind this 100-percent plant-based skin-care line, made with zero fillers and plenty of therapeutic benefits.

Try: Bergamot & Aloe Shower Gel, $38 at Earth Tu Face

Photo: Earth Tu Face
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Flynn & King Flynn & King

This Brooklyn-based gender-neutral line is chock-full of handmade organic and sustainable products for your healthiest skin.

Try: Neem & Activated Charcoal Soap, $15 at Flynn & King

Photo: Flynn & King
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Foxie Cosmetics Foxie Cosmetics

When she couldn't find enough products for her vegan lifestyle, Kayla Phillips decided to make them herself. Today, Foxie is a top destination for anyone who wants to veganize their skin-care routine.

Try: Oshin Face Moisturizer, $46 at Foxie Cosmetics

Photo: Foxie Cosmetics
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Jade and Fox Co. Jade & Fox Co.

This is a luxury beauty brand that uses food-grade ingredients to create products that look as good as they feel.

Try: Baby Face, $20 at Jade & Fox Co.

Photo: Jade and Fox Co.
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Kaliks Collective Kaliks Collective

Chemicals, synthetics, and toxins are nowhere to be found in this line of handcrafted skin and bath products.

Try: Escape Bath Soak, $48 at Kaliks Collective 

Photo: Kaliks Collective
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Laurel Whole Plant Organics Laurel Whole Plant Organics

The plants used in this organic, raw line are picked at their peak for "unmatched transparency, purity, and results."

Try: California Body Oil, $90 at Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Photo: Laurel Whole Plant Organics
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | MCMC Fragrances MCMC Fragrances

Anne and Katie McClain are the sister duo behind this Brooklyn-based brand boasting original handmade fragrances.

Noble Eau de Parfum, $95 at MCMC Fragrances

Photo: MCMC Fragrances
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Mullein and Sparrow Mullein & Sparrow

Anit Hora, born in India and raised in the States, handcrafts her vegan beauty line in Brooklyn.

Try: Facial Steam, $36 at Mullein & Sparrow

Photo: Mullein and Sparrow
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Olivine Atelier Olivine Atelier

This independently owned perfume line is powered by more than 20 years of fragrance experience from its owner.

Try: Amongst the Waves Perfume Oil, $48 at Olivine Atelier

Photo: Olivine Atelier
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Persephenie Persephenie

The cruelty-free and botanical brand sources raw ingredients from around the world for all of its products.

Try: Healing Salve, $94 at Persephenie

Photo: Persephenie
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | RAAW by Trice RAAW by Trice

The formulations in this organic line are all-natural, but the packaging screams decadence and luxury.

Try: Blue Beauty Drops, $85 at RAAW by Trice

Photo: RAAW by Trice
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | SaltyGirl Beauty SaltyGirl Beauty

If your skin doesn't respond well to mainstream makeup brands, this line is made with only the best organic, nourishing ingredients.

Try: Foundation, $42 at SaltyGirl Beauty

Photo: SaltyGirl Beauty
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Stark Skincare Stark Skincare

This Canadian handmade brand is the first-ever web-only skin-care company. That means there are no outside retailers, fancy marketing campaigns, or investors.

Try: Sahara Dry Shampoo and Texturizer, $25, at Stark Skincare

Photo: Stark Skincare
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Stewart and Claire Stewart & Claire

Best described as lip balms for grown-ups, this niche brand is operated by a husband-and-wife duo who run their business out of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Try: Negroni Lip Balm, $8 at Stewart & Claire

Photo: Stewart and Claire
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Vered Botanicals Vered Botanicals

The creator of this botanicals brand is a master herbalist, aesthetician, and artisanal perfumer with decades of experience and an interest in holistic healing.

Try: Muscle Soothing Massage Oil, $74 at Vered Botanicals

Photo: Vered Botanicals
STYLECASTER | Small Batch Beauty Brands | Waxing Kara Waxing Kara

Kara Brook is an artist-turned-beekeeper who channeled her love of bees and honey into an all-natural skin-care line.

Try: Clarity Mask, $15 at Waxing Kara

Photo: Waxing Kara >

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