The Best Natural And Organic Small Batch Skin Care Brands Made By Experts

Tons of moms are inspired to start skin-care lines when their kids have allergies or need TLC, but how many of these women are actual compounding pharmacists? What started as a homemade eczema fix for Janis Covey, and we are all luckier for it. Covey knew that the steroids her pediatrician prescribed to combat her baby’s eczema were only a temporary fix, and that the potential side effects did not outweigh the benefits, so she made something better. And not only did it cure her daughter’s eczema, it became a cult favorite among parents and non-parents alike. Kosmatology makes the products you might find at a drugstore, if your local drugstore happened to carry organic, , all-natural products — foaming hand soaps, hand sanitizers, bug repellant, moisturizer — plus a line of facial care and other specialty items like foot care.

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The Best Natural and Organic Small-Batch Skin-Care Brands Made by Experts
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