The Secret To John Mayer’s Great Skin Is Never Loving Anybody

John Mayer loves to post deep thoughts on his Instagram stories. He also loves to muse about his own appearance. The 40-year-old musician, who has shared a look into his everyday skincare routine in the past, did a little bit of investigating on Instagram stories Sunday night, examining his skin close-up in order to figure out why it’s so smooth. And the conclusion he came to is simple: his daily lifestyle is what’s keeping him wrinkle-free.

“Good genes or good docs?” the singer asked sarcastically on Instagram, pondering if he is in fact destined to look ageless. “Here, let me tighten my face all the way up. Look at that. Well, now I just look weird, but you see what I mean?”Sponsored: Gambar Koala

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But in another post, which he captioned, “How is my skin so smooth?” Mayer goes into detail about how his lifestyle affects his ageless complexion. And as it turns out, all it requires is staying out of the sun and, well… and out of love as well.

“I don’t smoke and I don’t drink anymore and I don’t go out in the sun and I don’t eat and I don’t love anybody,” he explains.

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