Thousands Of Women Have Shared Abortion Stories With

I don’t know one woman who’s had an abortion who has been like, “I can’t wait, I’m so excited about this.”

I can’t control that someone else feels that way about this. I believe they’re wrong and, to be honest with you, it really has no effect on me at all. Not even for a second. In terms of followers on Instagram, if that’s something you believe, and you believe a woman shouldn’t decide with her doctor and herself what’s right for her own body, you can go ahead and unfollow me. I don’t need you.

How can men be allies?

Men can be louder. I think they can be participatory and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with women, opposing these bills.

My husband and I talked about it before I talked about it on my show. We talked about the possible repercussions. He and I both decided that anything negative about me that could come my way would be completely minuscule in comparison to the possible good that it could do for other people.

What’s your outlook on the future when it comes to reproductive rights?

I do want everyone, myself included, to be hopeful that women will be able to have true equality in our society. I am hopeful of that, for our daughters. I am hopeful that we won’t slide backwards, and that what we’re seeing right now is the last dying grasp of old white men who are trying to uphold the patriarchy and hold on to their power in any way they can. I hope this is a real turning point, and from here on out, things will get better. It might get worse before gets better, but it’s pretty bad right now. And I’m speaking from a place with so much privilege.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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