Training Britons To Take The Jobs EU Migrants Are Leaving

She said: “It is going to be incredibly difficult and in the short term almost impossible. It will take time. We need to make sure that EU nurses who still want to be in the UK can stay.

“We can’t just get people from nowhere.”

Statistics also show a surge in the number of EU nurses who have decided to stop working in the UK, with 318 people leaving the NMC’s register, which is almost twice as many as the number in June, when the referendum took place. 

With low wages and high university fees often turning off young Britons from training to become nurses, better incentives are needed to encourage homegrown talent to take up courses.

There were 43,800 applicants in England in January 2016 and 33,810 in January 2017 with the blame pointed at the government’s decision to abolish NHS bursaries and replace them with loans. 

Head of the employment relations at the RCN, Josie Irwin, said: ”With recent figures from the NMC revealing a drop in registrations from EU nurses and UCAS reporting a 23% fall in applicants for nursing degree courses the outlook is bleaker than ever for the nursing workforce.”

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