When Smoking Was A Feminist Act

Loud revving continues to be heard in the video after the ute disappears and more smoke is created.

The documents showed police believed Coleman caused the ute to have a sustained loss of traction while there were onlookers standing nearby and up to five cars parked in the vicinity.

The charge of aggravated dangerous driving was applied as there was a pedestrian standing within metres of the ute while Coleman performed the burnout.

Four black tyre marks are visible on the road as the smoke clears in the video. Coleman then begins to slowly drive up the driveway towards onlookers, including his half-sister, while continuing to rev the engine with more smoke emitted.

The court documents said police officers interviewed a nearby resident, who told them the noise of the burnout had woken her young children and her house had been filled with smoke. She said washing hung outside had to be re-washed as it had been filled with smoke residue.

Source : https://www.canberratimes.com.au/national/act/this-gender-reveal-burnout-ended-up-costing-a-lot-more-than-planned-20181204-p50k24.html

This gender reveal burnout ended up costing a lot more than planned
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