Women In Politics Are The New, Unexceptional Normal

Many of the female candidates did not wait to run until they felt more prepared, had greater confidence or experience, but instead claimed the right to authority in a way more traditionally associated with male candidates. They refuted double standards that have held women to higher measures of behavior, experience and appearance. The candidates acknowledged their imperfections — but also explained why their identities matter. They openly talked about the impacts of maternity, racism, homophobia and sexism on their lives. They explicitly connected issues often relegated to “social” and “private” realms to public, economic and political ones. They described sexual harassment, childbirth and maternal mortality, and focused on health care as a priority.

Source : https://www.news-journal.com/opinion/chemaly-women-in-politics-are-the-new-unexceptional-normal/article_23901e66-e3c2-11e8-b5d4-8b59a0be565f.html

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